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The strawberry system

45 MIN our strawberries

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Premiere: 27.6.2019
Author: Tobias Lickes

A film by Tobias Lickes (2019)

Northern Germany, strawberry country: this is where large strawberry empires such as the Erdbeerhof Glantz reside and where organic farmers are trying out more environmentally friendly cultivation. In the midst of new challenges: Climate change is making the weather increasingly unpredictable. Harvest helpers are also increasingly lacking. What does that mean for this season? The documentary looks behind the scenes of the strawberry business - from seedling to berry.

The strawberry season - in the past it was only four weeks long. Fruit growers now extend the season to over four months. In the north, the harvest usually begins in mid-May and ends in September. The strawberries have to become more and more resistant, be ripe at a very specific time and reach a precisely defined size - how can this be achieved in the north?