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7 days... The 100th episode

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Current broadcasting date: 9.12.2020
Authors: Stefanie Gromes, Tobias Lickes
Directors of photography: Jonas Freudenhammer, Tobias Lickes

A film by Stefanie Gromes and Tobias Lickes (2019)

7 days... celebrates its anniversary: 100 episodes - that's hundreds of stories, countless experiences and many memories that the reporters share with the protagonists. Reason enough to look back: to thoughtful, sad moments, but also to many funny and bizarre experiences from over six years...

The 100th episode shows impressively how intense the encounters with the protagonists can be, especially when the reporters bring their own story into their films. Author Johanna Leuschen, for example, reports on how she experienced "7 days... against eating disorders" she met girls who suffer from an eating disorder - just like she did as a teenager.

Reporter Lisa Wolff tells how difficult it was for her to make a film about dry alcoholics - she herself has an alcoholic mother. The film helped her to understand her mother better, Wolff says: "The experiences in the film have shaped my life!"

The anniversary episode shows the great challenges the protagonists face in their everyday lives, but the reporters themselves also have to prove themselves again and again. Martin Rieck, for example, who is responsible for "7 Days... among boxers", or Hans Jakob Rausch, who gets into the ring for "7 days... among radical Christians" with the pastors of such a church.

But the 100th episode also proves that many films have left funny and bizarre memories. Like the attempt of reporter Tobias Lickes to become a vacuum cleaner salesman or the experiment of reporter Julian Amershi to become Santa Claus for seven days...