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Barely dense

7 days... gas, water, shit

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Premiere: 10.1.2018
Authors: Tobias Lickes, Hans-Jakob Rausch

A film by Tobias Lickes and Hans Jakob Rausch (2018)

"7 days...gas, water, shit" is the moody portrait of two unequal people with big dreams in their daily fight against burst pipes - and at least as moody customers.

Toilet clogged, pipe leaking, heating broken: the plumber comes when it gets uncomfortable. For 7 days the NDR authors Tobias Lickes and Hans Jakob Rausch work their way through bathrooms, toilets and living rooms around Kiel alongside plumber Marco and trainee Mansor.

They not only learn that Marco can quickly come up with a solution to almost any problem, but also which dream he is financing with this hard job: He spends every spare minute in his self-built van at the Baltic Sea. His hobby has a serious underlying motive: Marco is afraid of poverty in old age and wants to be able to sleep somewhere at least if the worst comes to the worst.

Mansor also has big plans: After his escape from Somalia, he not only wants to successfully complete his training, but also trains daily to become a great runner...