© Stratmann (NDR)
© Stratmann (NDR)
© Stratmann (NDR)

Travel blues in a camping bus

7 days... rally fever

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Premiere: 6.2.2019
Authors: Tobias Lickes, Lucas Stratmann, Martin Rieck

"Breakdowns, low spirits, gloomy days - that's part of such a rally, and the NDR reporters make no secret of it. A refreshing difference to the prevailing sunshine travel journalism. Nevertheless, the movie is entertaining and tickles the desire for discovery in spite of everything". (Frankfurter Rundschau 6.2.2019)

A film by Tobias Lickes, Lucas Stratmann and Martin Rieck (2019)

Out of the everyday life, into the adventure: So much for the plan of the two reporters Tobias Lickes and Martin Rieck. But please make sure it is warm and cosy! The wild times are over for them in their mid-30s, the two have become more comfortable. But does that go together, an adventure in the comfort zone? That is what they want to find out at the Baltic Sea Circle, a car rally around the Baltic Sea.

590 screwdrivers and car freaks in old carts and minibuses travel 7,500 kilometers in 16 days, from Hamburg to the North Cape and back via Russia. Among the two NDR reporters, genuine "Sunday drivers" without toolboxes, but instead in a seven-meter long motor home.

Will the two get through the Russian hinterland without breakdowns? Who actually helps them when their luxury motor home breaks down? And should they really spend the night in a quarry where wild dogs roam?