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Who comes after life?

7 days... Crime scene cleaner

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Premiere: 23.10.2019
Authors: Kira Gantner, Tobias Lickes

A film by Kira Gantner and Tobias Lickes (2019)

An anonymous high-rise housing estate in Berlin. Three figures tamper with a sealed apartment door on the fourth floor. They meticulously put on yellow full-body protective suits, safety boots and two pairs of protective gloves each. Then they hide their faces behind thick breathing masks and protective goggles: They must protect themselves from dangerous injuries, acrid odors - and from indigestible impressions.

"7 days... Crime Scene Cleaner" is the unusual portrait of two impressive people who are constantly getting into exceptional situations in their jobs. The film shows sensitively how the two crime scene cleaners deal with this: How they deal with the images in their heads - and what they tell their children in the evening what they did today.

The movie is subject to the FSK and can therefore only be seen in the evening from 10 pm in the ARD-Mediathek.