© Rieck (NDR)
© Rieck (NDR)
© Rieck (NDR)
© Rieck (NDR)

Who's in for a survival camp?

7 days... Survival in the forest

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Erstsendedatum: 24.5.2017
Autoren: Tobias Lickes, Martin Rieck

A film by Tobias Lickes and Martin Rieck (2017)

Hardly any food, little water, no roof over their heads. Also sleeping bag and mattress are not allowed at this survival camp. After all, in the forests of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania the emergency is to be rehearsed. The goal of the 13 participants: "7 days... survival in the forest"...

In addition to a bartender, a nurse and an electrician, the two NDR authors Tobias Lickes and Martin Rieck venture into the rotten undergrowth. On the program are renunciation and borderline experiences; the constant fight against cold, hunger and the inner temptation.

What does the constant state of emergency do to a group of mixed-up strangers? How do the participants cope with all the privations? And what can they learn?

For 7 days ... survivors and reporters share the same, self-chosen fate. The only question that remains is whether they will share the scarce provisions with each other when no fish bites for days and there is almost nothing to eat except reeds and lentils...