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Who cares!?

What YouTuber really think about Europe

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Premiere: 24.5.2014
Authors: Matthias Bremer, Svea Eckert und Tobias Lickes
Reporter: Linda Zervakis
Director of photography: Gordon Volk

A film by Matthias Bremer, Svea Eckert and Tobias Lickes (2014)

The European elections have a real image problem: EU sounds for many people under 30 about as exciting as crispbread.The documentary "European Elections - wh gives a damn?" explores the question of what moves young (non-)voters under 30. What significance does the still EU have for the YouTube generation?

ApeCrime, Uncle Berni, Freshtorge and the makers of Bullshit TV: they all have exactly what EU politicians dream of: attention, especially from young audiences. Their videos are watched online by millions. The artists are not political - but they do have an opinion about Europe.

What is Europe for you? The authors Matthias Bremer, Tobias Lickes and Svea Eckert try to find answers to this question in their documentary and show frustrated and bored, but also optimistic and committed young people with their very personal EU history.