© Arcioli (NDR)
© Arcioli (NDR)
© Arcioli (NDR)

The Secretary General and the pandemic

Lars Klingbeil in Lockdown

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Premiere: 21.4.2020
Authors: Benjamin Arcioli, Tobias Lickes

A film by Benjamin Arcioli and Tobias Lickes (2020)

While the whole country groans under the lockdown, the Bundestag and Bundesrat pass one Corona rescue package after another. Lars Klingbeil, secretary general of the SPD, as part of the grand coalition, is partly responsible for the massive interventions.

How does he personally experience a country in a state of emergency? How do you do politics in Corona times? And: What changes in everyday political life does Klingbeil want for the time after the crisis?

NDR reporter Tobias Lickes accompanied Lars Klingbeil seven years ago: For the film „7 days… in the Bundestag“.