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Where's the RAF?

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Authors: Marlene Obst, Tobias Lickes, Esra Özer, Lennart Richter
Premiere: 12.3.2024

After the arrest of Daniela Klette in Berlin, the police turned large districts in the capital upside down - in search of the other two former suspected RAF terrorists. What does it do to a city when the police suddenly runs the place?

Investigators have been searching for the ‘RAF pensioners’, as the tabloid media have been calling them for the past few years, for thirty years: Klette, who is now in custody, and the two other former RAF terrorists Burkhard Garweg and Ernst-Volker Staub. They all belonged to the so-called ‘third generation’ of the RAF, which is accused of the murders of ten people.

The reporters from Panorama 3 describe the intensive search in the capital. They talk to a retired public prosecutor who was involved in all the major RAF trials - and even to a former RAF terrorist who spent twenty years in prison and still shows solidarity with the RAF today.