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The vaccination and me

Between hoping and grumbling

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Director of photography & Director: Tobias Lickes
Authors: Tobias Lickes, Anja Reumschüssel
Premiere: 12.3.2021

A film by Tobias Lickes and Anja Reumschüssel (2021).

Reporter Anja is nervous: in a few minutes she is to administer the first Corona vaccination of her life. She has given injections as a paramedic before - but this time is different: the vaccine against Covid 19 is precious - she cannot and will not afford a prick in the wrong place...

Because incredibly high expectations are attached to this vaccination. Are our hopes for a quick return to normality justified? Can the vaccine stop further divisions among us? Or will it fuel vaccine scepticism all the more? And what does the vaccination do to the people who are already receiving it?

For 7 days, Anja Reumschüssel returns to Alzey in Rhineland-Palatinate. She wants to know what Corona is doing to her old home. How the people are coping with the crisis in its second year and, above all, what is changing for them - now that everything is supposed to get better thanks to one facility: the vaccination centre.