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© Konrad (NDR)
© Konrad (NDR)

The Lord's Chlorine

7 days... with lifeguards

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Premiere: 2016
Authors: Tobias Lickes, Willem Konrad

A film by Tobias Lickes and Willem Konrad (2015)

There are dedicated pool attendants, there are very dedicated pool attendants - and there is the pope of Bockhorn: Gerd Lämmel. For decades he has been keeping order in his jungle pool. It's just too silly that his son Uwe is slowly becoming the boss at the edge of the pool...

"Of course Paul can jump from the edge of the pool! But only once. The second time I throw him out - wouldn't be the first time!" Lifeguard Uwe Lämmel looks out over his kingdom under his sunglasses: the adventure pool Urwald in Bockhorn near Wilhelmshaven in Lower Saxony. A typical German swimming pool with everything that goes with it: sunbathing lawn, diving platform, chips and lots of chlorine in the pool.

Atypical are those who have been in charge here for decades. Because before Uwe Lämmel took over the pool 21 years ago, his father Gerd Lämmel was the swimming master at the edge of the pool for many years.

But nobody would call the senior here "swimming master" or even "lifeguard". "They called me the pope of Bockhorn", Gerd Lämmel tells several times not without joy. Actually, he has been retired for over ten years, but he still comes to "his" jungle pool day after day. Not easy for son Uwe to follow in the footsteps of the "pope"...