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Syringe-like business

How young people are ripped off for beauty operations

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Script: Natalie Beck, Tobias Lickes, Henning Nasse et al.
Research: Marilena Berends, Anne-Sophie von Hein, Carolin Hilker, Tobias Lickes
Premiere: 16.11.2023

A programme by Natalie Beck, Marilena Berends, Tobias Lickes, Henning Nasse et al.(2023).

If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer. Bullshit! Just have a load of hyaluronic acid injected into your face in 15 minutes and you're done. At least that's what many beauty doctors claim on social media. Reschke Fernsehen shows how perfidious the business can be - and the methods doctors use to talk young patients into expensive injection treatments.

The programme shows that many low-cost providers in Germany are using questionable methods to try and attract younger and younger customers. Using the example of the largest beauty chain in Germany, Reschke Fernsehen traces how customers are systematically being conned out of more and more money.