© Arcioli (NDR)
© Arcioli (NDR)

The war child and Corona

How do war children experience the pandemic?

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Premiere: 6.5.2020
Authors: Benjamin Arcioli, Tobias Lickes

A film by Benjamin Arcioli and Tobias Lickes (2020)

Peter lost his father in World War II. Only at the age of 81 years he finally stood at his grave in Belarus. Today, Peter lives in the USA - and as a very old man he belongs to the Corona risk group. How is he doing today? How is he dealing with the pandemic? Can the current situation with curfews and closed stores for him be compared to World War II? How does he maintain his zest for life | more...

I got to know Peter Liehr in Belarus. There we took part in a round trip of the so called "Volksbund" together: This trip is supposed to enable descendants of German soldiers to find the grave of their deceased father, uncle or brother.

I was also looking for someone there: My great uncle Hans, who has been missing since the 2nd World War.

To the movie "Searching for Hans".